BUG: Windows 10 + Microsoft Edge + Local Host Development

I recently upgraded to Windows 10. Though it went fairly smoothly, I did run into a few issues. Most were related to specific pieces of software that required an uninstall/re-install (Adobe Reader comes to mind). One issue is related to developing with Vagrant + VirtualBox, and is significant enough to require it’s on post (coming soon, with a couple of solutions!).

The other issue worth mentioning (from a development standpoint) is what looks like a bug in Microsoft’s new replacement for Internet Explorer called Edge. It’s quite normal for developers to create custom domains on their local machine while developing a site. For example, suppose I’m building a site for acme.com. I may add an entry in my local host file so that acme.dev or acme.local displays my local development version of the site. However, Edge seems to be bypassing this and sending the request to the web. Below are screenshots of Chrome, Edge, and IE with the same local address loaded…

Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge


Internet Explorer


My first thought was that Windows 10 ignored my turning off of the SmartScreen filter during the upgrade and was forwarding all traffic directly to Microsoft for…well…”smart screening”. I tripple checked Edge’s settings (Menu > Settings > View Advanced Settings > SmartScreen Filter Setting) and verified that wasn’t the case (or at least, it shouldn’t be).

I haven’t found a solution yet, but I’ll post an update if I run across one!

Author: Jabari Hunt

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