I’m a new father. My son is 8 weeks old. These past two months have been very surreal. Sometimes it still hasn’t quite sunk in, even after all of the diaper changes, feedings, sleepless nights, checking on him while he’s napping, and so on and so on.

Everyone says he looks like me, but as I sit now and stare at him in his sleep I see my father. I wonder if he stared at me as a baby and saw other family member’s faces in mine. I wonder if he looked at me and saw all of the potential that I do in my son. Potential for prosperity, potential for love, potential for happiness. No limits. No bounds. I wonder if he thought about the potential for misery, pain, and ugliness that could result if he didn’t guide me in the right direction. What can I do to better myself as a father…did he ask himself that question as I do now?

I’ve never ask my father these question, nor do I feel the need to do so. To me, it really doesn’t matter if he did or not. What matters is that he DID guide me. He taught me right from wrong, left from right, addition from subtraction, and all of the things that I needed to know in order to survive in the world. He was walking the walk, regardless of whether he was thinking the thought. We didn’t see eye to eye all of the time but whatever disagreements we had throughout my life I can’t ever remember a single time doubting if he loved me or had my best interests at heart.

Because of this I really don’t know any other option but to prepare my son for the world in the best possible way that I can. He set the example that I want to be to my son. Maybe our paths to get there will differ, but the final destination is one in the same.

I so look forward to all that is ahead of me as a father. I’m just glad I had a good example to base my actions upon. Thanks Daddy!

BTW – the photo above is the proud grandfather himself holding my son!

Author: Jabari Hunt

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